Our mission is to provide the services, professional expertise, and resources to enable our clients to commercialize their innovation and technology.

Unlock Your FUTURE!

Let us help you patent your idea and get it to market. View our Seven Steps to Commercialization and get started on the way to getting your concept to the marketplace.

Who we are.

Synergy Consultants is a successful dynamic new product development and marketing research firm. We specialize in patent searches, patents and other intellectual property, as well as market research and licensing for royalties. We help inventors with all their industrial design needs such as concept illustrations or animation, prototyping, determining manufacturing costs, market research, license agreement negotiation and more so you will have solid data and working prototypes for potential investors or licensees! Our International Patent Search will help you get started getting your invention to market! Start by requesting a Free Evaluation and Inventors Kit. Begin making money from your invention!

Our Experience.

Our founders and personnel have over twenty-five years of experience in commercializing inventions and technology. We have years of experience with focus group studies, direct response market research, patent searching, market analysis and forecasting as well as business plan development and venture capital sourcing for inventors.

What we offer.

We have a proven track record in protecting and marketing patented new ideas, innovation, inventions and technology. Our services include: patent searches, trademark searches, market research, product design, product models and prototypes, venture capital, seed money financing, licensing inventions and technology to industry, business plans and more. We do a quick, comprehensive International Patent Search that will help you get started with protecting your invention. We can help you get protection by obtaining a provisional patent, design patent or utility patent - then we can help you market your invention via licensing or by obtaining venture capital and writing a business plan.

What we are currently working on.

A patented Easy Clean Keyboard, many people find it inconvenient to purchase a keyboard right after a mishap with their coffee cup. More

A patented Electronic Bumper Sticker, a display that will allow automobile drivers to communicate via a LED display. More


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